Glass Talent Strategies is a confidential executive business coach that partners with top executives and leadership teams to realize smart, focused growth and change.

Created by veteran executive talent coach, Linda Glass, Glass Talent Strategies is focused on helping companies and their leadership teams as they approach new points of growth and fresh challenges as leaders, as teams, and as companies. Linda and her team specialize in helping their clients achieve clarity and direction around putting behavior, processes and structure in place for success.





Please visit the Glass Talent Strategies Website by clicking here.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Paul says:

    Linda thank you for sending me a note about your blog. Good job!!!

    Whoops….not supposed to say that. I went and read them all and they were quite good. Especially identified in the comment about how “focus” sometimes distracts leaders from recognizing success and celebrating. Seems like you are doing well. Hope Steve and the kids are good.

    Paul Twohig

    • lglass4669 says:

      Thanks Paul!Love hearing from you and appreciate your feedback. Keep it coming.

      Steve and kids are great. Had a great break. Hope you are doing really well also!


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