Top Leadership Advice for October: STAY out of ROOM 237!

Audience sitting in multiplex movie theater, watching horror movie, screaming.

In 1980, the most frightening movie EVER came out The Shining. I mean, scare the pants off of you, don’t make me look, I can’t believe this is happening, I need my Mommy type of stuff.

Granted, I’m not one for scary movies. I like to keep it pretty light. But, holy cow, this was some scary stuff. It’s hard for me to watch even the movie today.

You may recall the basic plot set-up of “it all seemed normal, UNTIL . . . “In The Shining, this nice threesome of a family, agree to what seemed like a reasonable family adventure . . . Be the caretakers of a secluded mountain lodge over the winter months.

But where did it all go wrong . . . Cabin fever? The psychic kid? Looming ghosts?

Fear baby. Fear. Little by little the fear took over . . . Don’t go in room 237. It’s room 237 that’s going to get you. Dead people are in room 237. So what did they do? Go into room 237. Come on people!

We all have a room 237. Welcome. You’ve checked into your private room of scariness that you have custom decorated with story after story of personal untruths. Scary untruths. FEARS that will make you go mental . . . “If I do this, I will fail.”

“That person doesn’t like me. I’ll never succeed under her.”

“When I stand in front and speak to the company, they are all wondering if I have what it takes.”

When you start to feel anxious, scared, fearful ask yourself:

Am I having a room 237 moment? Is this true?

How does it benefit me to believe this is true?

What great things could happen if I don’t believe it?

Don’t just turn the doorknob and enter into Room 237. Consider it unavailable at this time for reservations. Challenge the fear and make a new reservation.