Leading with Laughter! Ha!

Mom Jungle Gym

Having recently moved, I ran across this picture. This is my mom, Alice. On top of my jungle gym. Behind the family truck and farmhouse. My mom. The monkey.

Several emotions have come to mind when I have seen this picture in the past. One is of sheer embarrassment. This very picture was in our Christmas letter one year for Pete’s sake. How could she do that to a 7-year-old? What would my public think?

But this time, I had one emotion only… Hell Yeah Mom! My mom was silly. She loved to laugh. Her humor was exceptional.  And now I realize how critical that was to her as a mother and how critical it is to me as both a mother and a business owner.

I’m embarking on a new chapter for my business as I hit my 5-year anniversary. Call it Glass Talent 2.0. I’ll continue to work with my great clients as their supportive and challenging Executive Business Coach. And I’ll be looking at ways to evolve my practice as a Talent Strategist.

In imagining what is next, I’ve put together a vision board to collect my ideas and thoughts of what I want my working journey to look and feel like. It must involve CONNECTING. COLLABORATION. CREATIVITY. LEARNING. WRITING. COACHING. SERVING.

In seeing this picture again, I am reminded that I am missing a very important word from my board… HUMOR.

Humor brings me bliss, joy, relief and solace. Humor helps me keep things in perspective and keeps me humble. Humor helps me manage through the valleys and the peaks. Humor makes me happy.

So, here’s to adding a big fat piece of HUMOR to the heart of my Vision Board and leading with laughter.

Vision Board

I wish I had the picture of my mom playing the role of “the man at the bar” from the Santa Fe Melodrama. I don’t. You’ll just have to imagine it and laugh along with me.

If you’re not laughing, you’re not learning… Email me at Linda@GlassTalent.com to learn more about my coaching (or at least send a good joke!)


8 Comments on “Leading with Laughter! Ha!”

  1. Jane Hanson Baier says:

    I opened the new blog posting about a minute ago and said “My God, it’s Alice!” Then I looked at the truck with the horse logo and the screened-in porch where I spent so many happy hours and got all weepy. I’m so glad you’re back, Linda, and posting regularly again. The picture brought back so many memories and a visit home to Indiana was never complete without a trip to “the farm” and Aunt Bernice, Uncle Loren and the cousins and, of course, their families. Alice and I were the same age and we knew each other a long time. She had the most infectious giggle…but of course, you know that. Thanks for posting the picture. It makes me remember that I, too, was young once.
    Your Illinois cousin, Jane

  2. monkerfly says:

    you’re spelling humour wrong.;)not at all too personal…love it. love your blogs, glad they’re back. good seeing you, happy to walk and chat anytime, or skate and chat, or bike and chat, or pretty much anything…I’ve always wanted to go to the sculpture garden, wildflower centre – all kinds of options!chat soon,t

    all contents of this message are considered private and confidential Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 18:36:29 +0000 To: teewhite25@hotmail.com

  3. monica4pets says:

    I loved the article! Real, authentic and heartfelt! – Monica

  4. donnawilkins says:

    Love love the picture! Glad to have your insights back. You’re a gift to all of us!

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