One of these things is not like the other…


Stay calm. Stay still. Stay calm. Stay still. Do as I’m asked. Quietly enjoy the moment. 

Check it out! Check me out! Wow look at that! Go! Go! Go!

Click on the photo above to view a clip from a recent vacation, which encapsulates these two personalities to a tee. Two children. Same family. So different in so many ways.

As a parent I’m always amazed at how different two kids can be. I recognized it in my own family growing up. Four sisters. Same family. So different in so many ways.

It’s confusing. What works for one, doesn’t always work for another. And even when something does work for a while, life changes and the parenting approach stops working. I have to lead in a different way. Different child, different day, new challenge.

It’s the same with any type of leadership. It’s not a one size fits all world, yet we hope and pray everyday that we can tackle the challenges of leading others with one good solution and approach.

There are so many books out there to help us with our leadership…

” 3 Surefire Ways to Motivate Employees”

“Make ‘em Happy in 5 Steps or Less!”

“Just do this!”

We read through them frantically for the silver bullet… the secret to how to motivate Bob, Jane, Jim and Sally all at the same time using the exact same approach and steps. These books may provide some great frameworks, but it’s what you do for each individual within that framework that makes the greatest impact.

But seriously, we have so much on our plates as it is as leaders. The strategic plan, the investors, the final report… do we really have time to cater to every individual? It takes so much time.

Yes, yes it does. And yes, it is the most valuable and highest return investment you can make in your business.

Sorry, Bob, Jane, Jim and Sally are four different people. Same Company. So different in so many ways. Get to know your people as individuals. Get to know them as people. Stay close to them as they ebb and flow through life’s challenges.  Individualize your leadership approach and enjoy the returns.

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