I’m a Believer

Went to see Shrek the Musical the other day… I know, I know, why? Well, thought it would be great to take the kids to the theatre and wanting their early experiences with theatre to be a good one, best to let them choose. It was clever, catchy. Two hours I’ll never get back. BUT the kids loved it. Especially the end, “I’m a Believer!” they all bellowed out.

As I’m approaching another year as a business coach, I’m taking time to take stock in what it is I do and why I love it so much. I love the learning aspect. Yes. I love the challenge. Absolutely. I love being with people and businesses during times of growth and change. No question. But, what didn’t click for me until yesterday was the real reason I love what I do… I’m a believer.

That’s it. I’m a believer. I believe in a person when he or she can’t seem to believe in him or herself. I see and believe in their success sometimes before they do. I believe in a company’s success, when a leader may be doubting. I believe. I see the possibility. I can taste it and I encourage, guide, coach the leader to believe. I’m filled with belief.

We’ve all had believers in our lives one time or another. And if we’re wise, we seek them out when we can’t seem to muster up the belief ourselves.

Even the believer can lose belief sometimes.

Change has been an everlasting part of my life and recently, in particular. I lost some belief. I had some doubt and questions and I wondered what was really possible. I instinctively did what I encourage everyone to do. Find your believers. I spoke with my husband. I called my mentors. I talked to my friends. I called my sister. And even my dear departed mother was in on the act, although I was doing most of the talking.

I was on the phone yesterday with the king of all believers, Eric Boles. Eric has an amazing company called The Gamechangers (love that by the way). After a successful career in the NFL, Eric has dedicated his life and passion to believing in others. Just like me.

He shared a story with me that when he was first drafted, it was a stressful time. Player after player was being cut and he began to wish he would be cut as well. The stress was just too great. He’ll never forget what his mother told him during this stressful time. I may be paraphrasing slightly here, but hope to do the sentiment justice… She said, “do you trust me? If so, let my belief in you be enough belief for the both of us.” He did and he leaned on her belief, used it to strengthen his own, until it became a reality. What a powerful and pivotal lesson for Eric so early in his life.

At the age of 10, a believer entered my life and yesterday, I learned that she passed away. She was my childhood acting teacher. (I’ll pause for a moment for those of you need to have a chuckle about me having a “childhood acting teacher”). She was quite a character, a passionate teacher who believed in over 2500 children. Her story is rich and her impact was great read here. Ever wonder why so many creative kids came out of Santa Fe, NM? Jinx Junkin of course! She will be fondly remembered and missed by many. She was the believer for many in the community and many young spirits went on with great confidence that if you believe, you can be anything, even an orphan in 19th century England…

As always, when I open up to seeing and hearing the signs, they appear. And the current focus for me is belief.  I’m back and I’m believing.

To all the believers out there… don’t forget to share it, offer it, nurture your belief. And for those of you are a little uncertain and need a belief maker… drop me a line.


4 Comments on “I’m a Believer”

  1. Megan Doubet says:

    Fabulous!! You’ve got me believing too!!!! Great way to start my day!!! Thanks!!

  2. Jane Hanson Baier says:

    I’ve missed your posts. Glad you’re back. Loved the message which is so true and also liked the picture.

  3. chelseamcc says:

    I believe in you! Love this wonderful post. Thank you for sharing all of your goodness with the world. Miss you but excited for all that you are building across the pond.


  4. tomiberry says:

    Hey Linda!

    So, I’m doing a little “spring cleaning” of my inbox and finally came across your blog post from last November. First of all, I am sad about your loss of your believer/mentor/friend/teacher Jinx Junkin. She sounded like such an inspiration to so many (not to mention just a hoot to be with!!) You have been blessed with so many strong, confident women in your life who have instilled all of that in you in so many unique and wonderful ways. I learn so much about the person you are through your wonderful posts. We didn’t spend a ton of time on the road but I always had so much fun with you and enjoyed your humor immensely (not to mention your brilliant mind for coaching/training/helping others)! I always enjoy your posts and this one didn’t disappoint! The picture is classic too! What quickly came through here for me was, “Please sir, I want some more”!! Oliver was among one of my favorites when I was a kid and I know you must have made an awesome Ollie in your childhood show (the fact that I could tell so quickly from your look and the pose just shows how good you were — now of course if you tell me I’m way off, I’ll just crawl back into my corner and sulk the rest of the day but hey, I tried right??!! LOL)

    Be well, enjoy your kiddies and I look forward to hearing from you via blog, FB or other means, modes and methods as needed. Take care and talk soon…

    Susan “Tomi” Berry 678 524-5132

    “Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” – Maya Angelou

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