One Side Order of Talent Please!

While the conversation in the Talent community has definitely shifted from the notion of “Transactional  Recruiting” to “Strategic Talent Acquisition,” many companies still don’t know what that means or how to shift beyond the title change.

Gone are the days of “Personnel” departments, but how do we behave in a way that makes us true strategic partners? It goes beyond shifting the notion of being strategic and shifting the competencies of our talent teams and subsequently, the perception of our hiring partners.

Several years ago when I was leading a Talent Acquisition Team at Starbucks, the Corporate Leadership Council presented us with a great study on which steps in the recruiting process most impacted Quality of Hire. While recruiters claimed the interviewing step, the study showed that these two steps had the greatest impact:

1.  The strategic discussion at the very beginning of the process when you’re assessing the hiring need, and

2.  The time between offer and start

If you truly want to impact your Quality of Hire, your talent team needs to possess competencies beyond interview skills.

I break it down into three key areas with a foundational golden thread of Communication:


Consider your team today. How would they rank when it comes to these competencies? How will you develop them to get to the level you need to meet your strategic growth goals? Who needs to move over to the ticket counter?

More next on communicating effectively. Until then, enjoy this last beautiful weekend in April. I’ll let you know how the Listen to Your Mother show goes!


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