It’s my birthday! (A diversion from thoughts on Leadership)

“Don’t embarrass us mom. She doesn’t need to know that,” the boys chimed in together.

Yeah, well, the waitress probably didn’t need to know it, but doesn’t everybody like to celebrate a birthday? Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s there is a special feeling, like… I made it another year and I wonder what will come next. What will I get when the candles are blown out?

I am really excited for my next year of life because I’m starting with a concept called, “Every day is my birthday.” Now, that doesn’t mean I shall adorn myself with gifts, eat cake and tell every waitress that it’s my special day (although, that sounds kind of tempting.)

I am on a year-long and maybe even life-long experiment. What if, I wake up EVERYDAY with a level of enthusiasm, happiness and hope as though it really is my birthday where I’ll blow out the candles and make all my dreams a reality? What if I said and believed that nothing before me existed and it all starts right here, right now?

My oldest son started my day with a video of a guy doing “Dream Hands.” You have to watch this. You may have seen him already. Apparently over 5 million already have! I LOVED IT. He is doing my birthday dream dance with such zeal and enthusiasm and no worry in the world of what anybody else is thinking or laughing about him. And, yes, I do enjoy this as a former “Suncatcher”, our Jazz Choir at Capshaw Junior High. Hilarious.

I am now thinking about each day as an opportunity to start anew with my own dreams… whether it be an old friendship, a new job, an innovative idea, a new belief… how will that belief and desire impact my approach to the day?

I’m keeping a journal. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the book next year.

In the meantime, wherever you are… enjoy some cake and celebrate your own birthday!



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