Being a Leader is Just Like Riding a Bike

Last week I told you about my amazing opportunity to work with some other growing entrepreneurs. I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sam Schulte… founder and owner of Tree Bicycle Company. If you’re into BMX, he’s the man to support.

He is a shy, unassuming leader that has pretty audacious goals when it comes to BMX biking and leadership. Pretty damn impressive with a great, understated sense of humor (

Sam was in Austin last week and after some business chat, we wandered over to this exclusive BMX park… a park I was told that no one, unless you’re the real deal, gets to explore. I earned some serious “mom points” by taking my boys and my husband to watch.

Sam and Linda

Some might describe Sam as quiet, maybe even an “introvert.” As someone who is definitely not described as such, I find myself drawn to his style of leadership. I stand to learn a lot from him.

I believe Sam’s leadership style stems from this community of riders… thoughtful, curious, risk-taking, and challenging. I watched these riders take the time to visualize the course, glide through the up’s and down’s, support each other with a fall and cheer with the accomplishment. Check it out!

Thanks for the lesson in leadership Sam.

Where do you draw your leadership inspiration?  Let me know in the comment section.

Also… this week I was lucky enough to get to write for Blogher.  Check out my post, 4 Steps to Identifying Your True Calling, here if you haven’t already!  Thanks for reading!


One Comment on “Being a Leader is Just Like Riding a Bike”

  1. […] Sam was recently down in Austin, and while he was down there enjoying nice weather, he met up with Linda Glass of Glass Talent Strategies. Linda did a nice little write up on her time with Sam that you can check out on the Glass Talent Blog. […]

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