Going Blonde

All week, I have gone blonde. For those of you who don’t know me, you may be shocked to discover that the photo to the right does not depict my real hair color. In fact, below is what my current hair color is and used to be naturally.


I’m a natural brunette. I like it. I like the richness, the depth, and when I’m brunette (even with artificial help), it feels more authentic to who I am.

So, maybe that’s why it’s felt so wrong to go blonde all week. No, it wasn’t a wig or a temporary weave. I didn’t spritz lemon juice (you know you did it in the 80s!). I drank Blonde. The new Starbucks roast profile, “Blonde.” BLONDE??!?!

Starbucks Blonde

 BUT STARBUCKS IS A BRUNETTE LIKE ME!!! What is happening in the world?!? Come on Starbucks! First you introduced milk that wasn’t Whole Fat. Then you welcomed Frozen Drinks. I could barely accept the Instant Coffee. But, now you’re really messing with me. Blonde?!?

My husband likes it. “The ‘mouth feel’ is lighter and fresher (for all your coffee aficionados that are wondering). I don’t know. It looks like cinnamon roast and although I know intimately the painstaking extent Starbucks goes to in order to maintain coffee quality for each bean, it’s hard for me. Is it authentic Starbucks? Can Starbucks keep innovating with their core product and keep me believin’? (Insert Steve Perry background music here… Don’t Stop Believen’ Hold on to that Feeeliii –en)

It’s an interesting concept for any of us growing a business. How do we honor and preserve our core and remain authentic while trying to reach new markets or clients with new ideas? For Starbucks I believe thatt it has everything to do with the over 150,000 “partners” that work there everyday. It’s their talent. They hire and nurture the talent that allows them to do this very carefully and thoughtfully.

Partners take the core seriously and work to preserve it’s authenticity. There are those who work hard not only to nurture and maintain the quality of the bean itself, but all the partners in the stores that create the conversation around it the new idea. It’s their relationships that allow them to encourage customers to try and keep believin’. Come on, just try it.

While I’m certain I will go back and drink the darker roast, I applaud Starbucks for challenging itself and continuing to innovate.  Maybe there’s a barista out there or someone from the “coffee authority” that could convince me otherwise?

Just please bring back Sulawesi. Then, you’ll have me for life!

How do you grow and remain authentic?


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