Consistent Consistency

I will be consistently consistent in my commitment to consistency.

Say that ten times fast. Or at least say it once a day. Okay, maybe once a week. Commit to saying it at all.

It’s the time of year that we all reflect on what has happened in the past year and what we want in the coming. We create resolutions. We write goals. And, yet, come February, we find ourselves in the throes of guilt around those very set goals and resolutions. I think it comes down to a couple of reasons. One is consistency. The other is a compelling reason to change.

This week, I’ll speak to the first… “Hi my name is Linda. I struggle with consistency.” Growing up, I used to make fun (and she’ll tell you I did) of my sister the scientist. When we were finally “adults” and out on our own, she was very systematic and methodical about her life. She knew what she was eating, had shopped for it and knew how her entire week would play out from wake up time to bedtime. She was consistent. She planned for it. Just like you would with any experiment. You can’t just jump in with all variables and expect to have a measurable outcome. It was so different than me. I was in professional theatre, single, running around from night to night. I was having FUN. That was my measurable outcome. I wasn’t planning. How BORING, I thought (and yes, judged a bit as we do in our 20s).

Ah, how the tides have turned. I long for a week of knowing what we will eat on Wednesday. I long for several constants and limited variables. And while I have gotten much, much better at organization and planning overtime, it’s only partially in my DNA. I have to work at it. After all, you don’t come out of college with a degree in economics and a side order of fine arts without feeling the constant pull between analytical living and free lovin’ creative lifestyle. And, yet, it’s what makes me really happy and good at what I do. I mirror my clients who live this constant friction between structure and creativity… it’s the magic of entrepreneurial kinetics and innovation. As I would coach any of my clients, it’s not about becoming who you aren’t, but about becoming the best of who you can be, authentically. And, if you shifted a little to the left or a little to the right, what would be the benefit of doing that? When I do have a diet consisting of more consistency, I literally feel the benefits… less anxiety and stress, higher sense of what’s possible and downright empowerment. It’s refreshing and when I practice consistency, I’m always happy I did.

So with you as my “accountability partner,” I am committing to consistency. Check in with me. Ask me how I’m doing. My first step is the monthly meal planner that I’ve created (especially since I’m traveling three times in January!). My sister would be proud.

Check in with me and see how I’m doing. Am I managing my constants and minimizing my variables? Hmmm… maybe dropping sciences in college wasn’t such a good idea after all… To each of you, I wish you a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a consistently brilliant life!


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