The Gift of Pad Thai Time

Really. Just 7 minutes? Who couldn’t find that time, right?

I am constantly on the go as many entrepreneurs/wives/mommies/aunts/
sisters/daughters are. Whether I’m supporting my business or others, I find 7
minutes hard to find.

As a coach, I ask myself what I would ask a client, “Is that really true? Can
you really not find 7 minutes in a day to relax and do nothing?” And as a client
responding, I would have to say no. It isn’t true, but it’s certainly become a
bad habit… being constantly on the go until my head hits the pillow.

This was pronounced today when I was granted 7 minutes. Not because I chose
to take 7 minutes, but because that is what the box of my frozen Pad Thai said
it would take to cook it thoroughly. Three minutes stir. Three minutes take
out. Wait one minute. You would have thought I was asked to stand there an
hour if you had seen how impatient I was.

In fact, I found myself having this internal dialogue:
Linda, what’s wrong with you.? Just relax. It’s just 7 minutes.
Yeah, but maybe they just put 7 minutes, but it can really cook in less time.
Maybe I could cook it in 5.
Consider it a challenge to wait the whole 7 minutes. Wait. Relax. Breath. Enjoy
the break.
Well, what do I do with this 7 minutes? I could check my email.
Maybe I’ll call home and check in.
How about dinner? I haven’t planned anything yet.
I can’t wait for time off with my family. Wait, I haven’t planned anything.
Will we kill each other?
I’m really cold right now, I wonder if I should step outside for some sun. No,
I’ll stay inside. In or out, I can’t decide.
Is my lunch ready yet?
Really?! Seriously?! 5 ½ more minutes?!

You may find my internal dialogue mildly insane or maybe even relatable. I
found that during the summer, I made a very conscious effort to get up early
and mediate or, at a minimum, take brain breaks during the day. Just like any
diet, it takes practice and conscious discipline. Since a very busy fall kicked
into gear, I lost my gift of time. And my brain suffered.

So, what’s the impact? Well, I’m a bit moody. Tired. Foggy. Did I say, tired? My
brain is giving me all the signs that I’m not getting enough oxygen.

Per Visual MD… “Your brain is your body’s single largest consumer of oxygen.
Although it represents only about 2% of your body’s weight, it utilizes about
20% of your body’s blood. If they don’t get the oxygen they require, brain cells
start to die in minutes. That’s what happens during a stroke.”

Okay, got it. My mother almost had a stroke. My grandmother and my two
aunts did; all to devastating outcomes.

So, I’m about to go spend time with my family, away from work, away from
email. I already got my early Christmas present from my husband (thanks for
the boots babe!) And now, I’m giving myself a gift. Everyday, I am scheduling
at least one section of Pad Thai Time to STOP. RELAX. BREATHE. As soon as I
finish this post, it’s going on my schedule. But first, I may indulge in another 7

How do you maintain time to breath? What is your best advice?


One Comment on “The Gift of Pad Thai Time”

  1. Gretchen says:

    Are you sure you weren’t talking about me? Nothing insane about that – totally relatable. 7 minutes? If you can, I can!

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