Giving Thanks

Last week I wrote about resiliency. How funny the timing was on that in hindsight. Many of us had to practice resiliency like no one’s business as we gathered with family and friends yesterday. Whether we had to find patience and bounce back from the not so funny jokes from Uncle Hal or challenge our digestive tracks to bounce back after Carb fest 2011… we were all practicing resiliency.

And for that, this will be a short blog as I’m still recovering.

I mentioned that I wanted to talk more about strengths as one way Dr. Seligman teaches resiliency — becoming very aware of our strengths and leveraging them. I will get to that in my next blog. Instead of noticing my strengths today, I’m going to notice the strength in others on which I depend to be resilient. For these I am thankful:

  • I’m thankful for the dry and witty humor of my children that keeps me grounded and laughing everyday.
  • I’m thankful the strength in numbers that accountants have…  Lord knows I don’t.
  • I’m thankful that my sisters all bring a different perspective to managing an aging parent.
  • I’m thankful for Margaret who shows me everyday what it means to be Gen-Y and all the fabulousness it brings.
  • I’m thankful for Steve Hill who has the strength to constantly believe in me, no matter how or when I might doubt myself.

I’m just plain thankful. 

I hope you, your family and friends are blessed with happiness and peace this holiday season.


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